ANCDS Board Certification Appeals Process

Whenever a decision has been reached whereby an individual is no longer a Candidate for Board Certification, the applicant has sixty (60) days from the date of such notice being mailed to seek reconsideration.  Requests for reconsideration shall be made to the Chair of the Board of Clinical Certification.  The applicant can submit additional information to the Chair at that time.  Within thirty (30) days, the chair shall make a determination regarding the Candidate’s request.  No hearing is required but the Chair may decide to hold a hearing at their sole discretion.

If the applicant receives a determination that he or she is no longer a Candidate for Board Certification, appeal may be made to the President of ANCDS.  Appeals to the President of ANCDS may be made only on the basis that the Board of Clinical Certification failed to follow the procedures of ANCDS properly or that the decision was based on bias or prejudice.  The President must reject any appeal that challenges the interpretation of the Board Certification requirements by the Board of Clinical Certification.  If the President decides to hear the appeal, the appellant and the President will agree to a panel of three (3) holders of the Board Certification who shall hear the appeal and render an opinion that shall be binding on both parties.  The appellant shall be responsible for the costs incurred in the appeal process.

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