Membership Types

Membership is now open for the 2023 calendar year. Select a member type below to complete a membership application.

Full Member

Full members of ANCDS have voting privileges and the ability to hold office.

Applicants for full membership shall be restricted to those who hold a Master’s degree or doctoral degree in communication disorders and sciences or a field related to neurologic communication disorders and sciences from a properly accredited academic institution. Board certification is not required for membership in ANCDS.

Annual dues for Full Membership are $120 for the 2023 membership year.

Student or Clinical Fellowship Member

Student members can join ANCDS and thus be part of the group before they have met the standards for full membership or Board Certification or while in doctoral or clinical fellowship training. This allows them to be in contact with leaders in clinical practice and research in the area of neurologic communication disorders, and to network with professionals who share their interests as they enter into professional life.

Student membership shall be available to individuals enrolled in a full time academic program or clinical fellowship and who demonstrate an interest in neurologic communication disorders.  Student members shall be entitled to receive notice of and to attend all meetings of the members of the Academy. Student Members shall have no power to vote or to hold office in the Academy.  Student members will have the right to serve on selected, but not all, committees.

Annual dues for student members are $60 for the 2023 membership year.

Life Member

Life Membership is available to a full member who is 68-years-old by January 1 and has been a Member in good standing for ten (10) consecutive years OR five (5) consecutive years with a minimum of two (2) years of active service to the organization (e.g., Committee or Board membership). There are no dues payments for life members; however, re-certification fees are still applicable. Those eligible for life membership may apply by submitting a written request to the Membership Committee. The Membership Committee will review each request and shall submit to the Executive Board annually a list of candidates qualified for membership as a Life Member. The Executive Board shall elect by majority vote those individuals it considers eligible for Life Membership.