Benefits of ANCDS Board Certification

Why become Board Certified?

  • Promotion and recognition of your advanced knowledge and skill in the area of neurogenic communication disorders
  • Increased consumer and referral source confidence in the care you can provide them
  • A way to increase referrals
  • Provides a respected credential that can be incorporated into your career ladder and professional enhancement
  • Encourages your continued career development and life-long learning through the focused continuing education required for maintenance of board certification
  • Enhances your confidence and validates your expertise


The value of ANCDS Board Certification – Ramani Voleti, M.S., CCC-SLP, BC-ANCDS


What is the difference between a clinical doctorate degree in speech-language pathology and ANCDS Board Certification?

Currently there are no accreditation standards for the clinical or professional doctorate degree in speech-language pathology and existing programs vary in the amount of, and focus on, clinical training. Also, clinical doctorate degree programs may or may not include advanced coursework on neurogenic communication disorders. The rigorous and peer-reviewed standards for attaining ANCDS Board Certification represents a clear marker of a high degree of clinical competency.

Board Certification may be an option for those who do not want to pursue a clinical doctorate but want to earn a credential that will set them apart and highlight their advanced clinical skills and knowledge of acquired neurogenic disorders. Board Certification is all about clinical knowledge and skills, while many clinical doctorate curricula do not have this focus. It may also be an option for those who are pursuing a clinical doctorate and want to have a respected credential that acknowledges their clinical knowledge and skills in adult neurogenic communication disorders. Finally, Board Certification is a way to attain recognition for a clinician's past clinical experiences, continuing education, and self-study without the time and expense of pursing an advanced degree.